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Input/Output [Episode 2] - Human Recipes

April 10, 2017

Welcome to INPUT/OUTPUT, a podcast where Sam and Brendan have a stream of consciousness chat about whatever's been interesting them that week. This week we talk about AIs cooking humans, Final Fantasy and outer space (plus lots more). This is also the first episode to include a musical intro, contributed by friend of the show, and guest on READ/WRITE episodes 1 and 2, Martin Vannier. Normally we alternate weeks between READ/WRITE and INPUT/OUTPUT, but next week is the Easter weekend, which means everyone is busy with family things, so there'll be another INPUT/OUTPUT episode on Monday, 17th of April. READ/WRITE returns on the 24th, when we conclude our reading of The Dispossessed. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and all those other social media things.


If you want to know more, follow Sam (@MCPepperpockets) and Brendan (@AccdntlOrigin) on Twitter.

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